A many/multi-core blog

This blog is dedicated to the new many-core/multi-core programming techniques, especially the ones available in Visual Studio 2010.

What a week

Last week was an intense week. Wednesday to Friday, Herb Sutter was in town delivering a seminar about Efficient concurrency. Once again, I recommend warmly this seminar.

Another great seminar last week, was held by Juval Lövy, and was about advanced topics in WCF. Thursday we went out for a beer, and I have to admit that I was surprise to find out that he is a very down to earth guy for being a Software Legend. ;) The truth  is that I don’t know what I expected to see. And that is not all. He was kind enough to agree to talk at our User Group on Friday. Considering that he was in town for three days, and he was jet-lagged, but still found the strength to do that i think that it was a great gesture. Unfortunately, when it came to the fun part (the beers we enjoyed after) he was to tired to follow us. Anyway from all the people that participated at the meeting, we would like to send you a Big Thanks. We hope to see you soon again.

Then came the weekend, and it was very warm and sunny one, 25C, which usually is unusual for Sweden. Most of the summers are not getting more than 22C, so it was really nice to get to relax for a change. Of course that I couldn’t resist the urge, and I had to install Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7, and Visual Studio 2010. So now my laptop is running Wsv2k8R2, and in Hyper-V I runt Win7 with VS2010.

A sad news is that my sister was involved in a car accident Sunday night. The sad part in all that was the Swedish emergency system. The ambulance was very quick on site, and they were very professional, but we had to stay the whole night in the ER, mostly waiting, in order for them to dismiss her. She got 4 stitches and some bruises, but she is ok, and that matter most.