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This blog is dedicated to the new many-core/multi-core programming techniques, especially the ones available in Visual Studio 2010.

TechEd Here I come. Again!

My second post on this blog was TechEd Rocksand I wrote it right after I returned from TechEd North America in LA. And that was my first TechEd ever. My second TechEd will be in November, but this time I will be there as speaker. I have right now 8 approved sessions, and some more on the way. AFAIK the record is 10, so my chances are pretty big to beat that record. Anyway, beside my sessions, I will work on HOL area, as a favor to a friend, and I intend to continue my “Five minutes with…” series of interview for Alan's CloudCasts site. All this info will be available on this blog so, stay tuned.