A many/multi-core blog

This blog is dedicated to the new many-core/multi-core programming techniques, especially the ones available in Visual Studio 2010.

I must confess, I am a lucky guy.

Couple of months ago, I decided to delve into the world of multi-core programming, aka concurrent programming, or parallel programming. The more I look into this subject, the more I want to know. So I decided to start a blog and share some of my thoughts, and experiences. And for that I needed a name, and what name would be better suited than multi-core. So i bought the multi-core.se domain as all other domains were busy. As some of you might know I came in the world of .NET from Pascal/C/C++/Java, but my focus now is managed code, aka .NET so multi-core.net would be even better. Last week, I tried to see who owns the multi-core.net domain, and guess what, I found out that the domain was pending delete since beginning of June. I tried to register it, but of course it didn’t work to do that, and after a while I forgot about it. Until Tuesday, when I don’t know how, I just remembered about it, checked it, the domain was free, and I could register it. So the new address of my blog will be blog.multi-core.net, and my mail address will be tibi at multi-core, both se and net.