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This blog is dedicated to the new many-core/multi-core programming techniques, especially the ones available in Visual Studio 2010.

Erlang with Joe Armstrong.

As I said in my Trip rapport from DevReach, I will attend some sessions at Öredev, and one of them was Erlang Programming with Joe Armstrong. I loved his teaching style, and you do notice that he knows Erlang inside out. He has to, because he is the inventor of the language. :) One thing that stroke me was that Erlang resembles Lisp. The language and the way of programming feels unnatural for an procedural/object oriented programmer. Even though you can define you own methods, there is no such thing as variable in Erlang. The only thing you get is a write once, read many stores. Why? Because everything in Erlang is immutable, and that is a good thing in high parallel applications, because no shared data, means no need to lock.

Next for me at Öredev will be a whole day about parallel programming, and some interviews with the speaker there.