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This blog is dedicated to the new many-core/multi-core programming techniques, especially the ones available in Visual Studio 2010.

Where was I

I bet many of you just wonder where have I been lately, and why I wasn’t blogging. Well, the reason is simple. I was very busy with my work. I talked at some conferences in Sweden (ScanDev, TechDays), I organized THE Launch Party for Visual Studio 2010 in Stockholm, I have been teaching a class i US for Microsoft, and talking at some user groups in NW Pacific, both in Canada and US, in Sweden, in Romania, at TechEd US, at DevSum10, and last but not least at NDC2010.  So, as you might see, it was a busy spring for me. I know that is not a good excuse for not writing, so I will try from now on to blog more often.

The summer was dedicated to my family. We moved to a new house, and we decided to do some of the work ourselves.

Now the autumn began in Sweden(it actually began mid august, but now is official), and with it the activities as well. We already had one UG meeting, and three more are around the corner in the next coming weeks.

Considering how much I was traveling this spring, I decided to take it easier on conferences for the moment, so I will talk only at DevReach. If you live in Europe, and you want to attend a conference this autumn, then DevReach is the conference you have to attend. Is cheap, it has a very impressive list of speakers, and is very well organized.

One more thing. The very first book that acknowledges my existence :-)  is out. Go check it out!

Best regards,